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Innovative Irish start-ups you should have on your radar

Ireland’s reputation as a technology hub and a hotspot for high potential start-ups is growing apace. Supported by Enterprise Ireland – the country’s trade and development agency – Irish entrepreneurs are starting and scaling hundreds of companies every year that are at the cutting edge of innovation. Here are some of the ones to watch:



With artificial intelligence at its heart, EdgeTier’s technology increases the efficiency of customer service centres. Its Arthur system helps human agents respond to customer queries by suggesting responses and providing context-sensitive and personalised data. This improves customer experience and provides unprecedented data access to administrators.


Nexalus’s technology captures and redeploys thermal energy from heat-producing electronics. This leads to enhanced technical performance, reduced costs and lower environmental impact through the reduction of CO2 emissions. The company is currently creating solutions for gaming, industrial high performance computing and data centres.

Output Sports

Employing wearable sensors, advanced signal processing and machine-learning techniques, Output Sports has developed a solution that can test, track and unlock the potential of athletic performance data. Its Output unit is a portable, flexible and highly accurate tool that is helping coaches and physios to optimise athlete training.

Vela Games

Vela Games is a software development studio creating original IP and engaging, cooperative games that put players first. Made up of an international team of industry veterans, the company is currently developing its first genre-defining, multiplayer project for enthusiast gamers.


Robotify is a browser-based, robotics simulator that teaches children and students how to code by controlling physically accurate robots in complex, engaging, 3D environments. Robotify is building the next phase of in-browser robotics simulation for industry 4.0 with the Robotify robotics enablement platform.


VROMO provides state-of-the art software to help restaurants run the most efficient delivery operation possible while ensuring that their customers enjoy exceptional brand experience. Providing excellent delivery tracking and branded customer engagement opportunities, VROMO counts global brands among its customers and operates in the US, Europe and Australia.

Manna Aero

Manna Aero is revolutionising the food delivery market by using drones that can make a delivery in three minutes. Using custom-developed, aerospace-grade drones, Manna delivers directly from restaurants and centralised kitchens to consumers’ homes.  The drone can perform a round trip of 4km carrying a weight of 2kg and flying at a height of 80–120m.

Odyssey Validation Compliance

Specialising in supporting companies that work in highly regulated industries such as Life Sciences, Odyssey VC offers integrated GxP cloud hosting and computerised lifecycle management services.  It supports the delivery of computerised systems and the underlying IT infrastructure ensuring that companies fully meet their compliance requirements.

Cyber Risk International

Founded by one of the world’s foremost experts on cyber security, risk and privacy, Cyber Risk International provides a portfolio of services to enable organisations to understand, mitigate and manage cyber risk. Services include assessing risk, developing strategies, training, monitoring and provision of cyber experts to work in-house.

Medtech and Life Sciences

Latch Medical

Latch Medical has developed a novel platform microneedle technology that opens up important new delivery pathways for drugs, biologics and vaccines. Its microneedle patches deliver consistent skin penetration and adhesive-free attachment. Currently under development, the Cath Latch will present a new solution to the problem of catheter securement.

Head Diagnostics

Head Diagnostics, a spin-out from Trinity College Dublin, is developing a hand-held medical device (iTremor) for instantly diagnosing brain impairment, including concussion and stroke. This will be a radical improvement over the slow and subjective methods currently used.

HidraMed Solutions

An innovative wound dressing system developed by HidraMed Solutions is making life easier for people living with chronic wounds. Initially serving the hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) market, HidraMed’s product, marketed under the HidraWear brand, enables patients to change a dressing quickly and easily and, most importantly, without any adhesive skin contact.

Spotlight Oral Care

Created by dentists and sisters Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, Spotlight Oral Care has created a range of products combining the latest advances in oral care with non-toxic ingredients that are vegan friendly and cruelty free. The company’s toothpaste tubes are the world’s first 100% recyclable tube. The company currently supplies the European and US markets.

Pestle & Mortar

Blending high performance active ingredients with natural products, Pestle & Mortar, established by female entrepreneur Sonia Deasy, has created a skincare brand that now has a global following. Based on a ‘less is more’ philosophy, the company sells a range of award-winning, simple, skincare solutions.


Passive Sills

Passive Sills produces super-lightweight and thermally efficient window sills, window reveals and mouldings. The window sills are easily handled and eliminate cold bridging, allowing builders and developers to achieve ‘nearly zero energy building’ – a requirement of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Urban Volt

UrbanVolt helps large companies hit their sustainability targets by retrofitting buildings with energy-efficient infrastructure (lighting, HVAC, solar) on a true ‘fee for service’, off-balance sheet model. Its invite-only Dataful app allows multi-site companies to immediately quantify the scale of the opportunity when it comes to energy reduction and CO2 savings.

VorTech Water Solutions

VorTech Water Solutions, a spin-out from the National University of Ireland, Galway, specialises in providing energy-efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions together with high-value services, such as computational fluid dynamics and process modelling, to maximise treatment performance at the lowest energy input.



Multi-award-winning Trustap is a secure transaction platform designed to protect people from being scammed when they are buying or selling online, or in person, with strangers. The easy-to-use system combines online payments with tracked delivery in a secure and efficient way, safely holding the money until both sides are satisfied with the transaction.


Cali Cali

Cali Cali is a platform brand currently competing in both healthy crisps and ready-to-pour sauces.  Inspired by the authentic flavours of California street food, and with a focus on healthy eating (low calorie, low fat, non-GMO, no artificial ingredients), its three founders have created a range of products that make healthy eating tasty.


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